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Nothing but net......

We are excited to announce the upcoming Summer 2018 Season. Please make sure you sign your child up as soon as possible. Teams do fill quickly.
2018 Winter Schedule
  1. Referees/Jr. Referees
    Interested in being a referee? We are always looking for volunteer referees as well as interested young minds to learn how to referee.
  2. Coaches
    Love passing on your knowledge to a younger generation? Try coaching. If you have the passion for teaching and a love of basketball that's all that's needed. *Background checks are conducted.
  3. Assistant Coaches
    Love teaching but don't have that much time on your hands. Why not be an assistant coach? Help as much as you can and pass your knowledge on to the next generation. *Background checks are conducted.
  4. Score Table
    Do you love watching the game and want to help? Don't like all the running though? Help by volunteering at the Score Table.
  5. Concession
    Want to help but don't know how? Volunteers needed for the concession. No experience necessary.
  6. Why Volunteer?
    Volunteering helps not only the children but the organization to continue to be there for the children. Let's keep doing for our community and for Santa Fe.

Basketballs Holy Grail

We are a non-profit organization. We serve the Santa Fe, New Mexico area.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
Thank you.